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  • Provides full protection and optimization for a reliable PC.
  • Optimizes PC performance for up to a 200% boost
  • Universal PC performance and optimization tool.
  • Optimize your PC performance, downloads, uploads, browsing and so much more!

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"I have never ever experienced my PC running this fast and reliable. It is like I bought a new PC! It made me very happy of my almost new system. PC Cleaner fixed every problem my PC had and maximized its performance"
-Leilanni Morgan


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Download PC Cleaner Now For a FREE PC ERROR DIAGNOSIS. It's like having a professional PC technician right there - at the click of your mouse!

Manage your PC Settings and Tasks

With PC Cleaner Pro, you can optimize performance my managing startup programs, settings, resource prioritization and registry size with just one scan.

Secure your Data and your PC

Using PC Cleaner’s protective tools, you can deal with viruses, malware and privacy hacking to prevent data loss due to malicious programs. Your PC safety and security is PC Cleaner Pro’s business.

Maximize PC Performance

Get the most out of your PC by efficiently unclogging the registry, deleting malware, and removing redundant files that may be slowing down your PC.

Optimize Browsing and Online Security

With PC Cleaner Pro, you can boost browsing speeds thanks to the optimized download and upload settings. It can help managed your browser traffic and protect it from malicious content.

Our computers work very much like the human mind. It accumulates data and it stores files and records for new programs. These are pretty much like our memory and skills. With so much to remember, we tend to slow down and take our time to think. In the same way, too many files and resources cause a PC to slow down unless you clean the unwanted junk that has accumulated over the years. This takes a lot of time and effort to do manually, so why not just automate it?


Pc Cleaner Pro is the last tool you would ever need to bring the best out of your PC. It is an all-in-one tool that maintains the PC’s performance by keeping what is important while removing any junk that just bogs it down. With every tool included in this program, you can deal with every cause and every factor that can drag down your PC speed and performance.

All this talk about comprehensive computer error tools and we haven’t even begun. Two of the most prominent tools that Pc Cleaner Pro has are the registry cleaner and the duplicate file cleaner. With the PC relying on the Registry for everything, you need to make sure it is error free and clean of any redundant entries and files. Doing that will help remove things that bog down the PC like empty directories, missing entries, duplicate entries, and misleading entries. Don’t let your PC get confused with the file system. Clean and fix it all with PC Cleaner Pro for smooth operation.

After finally dealing with your bloated files, you can start optimizing your PC by modifying the settings and file system of your PC. Tools like memory optimizer, startup manager, system optimizer and BHO Manager will be able to help you get the job done.

Once you are done dealing with bloat and optimizing your settings, you now need to maintain and manage your programs. It is important that you regularly assess and check out programs you really use and programs that you don’t need. You also need to lookout for programs you don’t recognize, which may be hiding viruses and malware. With PC Cleaner Pro, you can easily scan for malicious code which may be causing your PC to slow down and malfunction. With PC Cleaner Pro, your privacy and data are secured.

PC Cleaner Pro was also made to make your browsing experience as smooth as silk. It can speed up both upload and download speeds, which is important considering the fact that we use our computers online nearly all the time now. That is why the online experience is important to us.

What PC Cleaner does is to optimize the browser and internet connection settings to maximize your current internet speed and maximize the performance of your browser. This leads to optimized download and upload protocols for faster actual speed and performance. All this in just one click!

As technology grows and we learn new things, new methods are discovered to make everything faster or work better. We believe that nothing should stay stagnant, that is why PC Cleaner Pro features an automatic update system which allows you to always get the latest techniques and performance enhancements right away.

As dedicated developers, we provide customer support as comprehensive as our program. Pc Cleaner Pro is user friendly and built to be stable, but there are times when one click isn’t enough. For that, you have us at your beck and call to make sure you and PC Cleaner Pro gets along well. If the power of PC Cleaner Pro is not to your liking, we have an iron-clad 90 day trial and money back rule that you can always rely on. Such is our confidence on this amazing product.


PC Cleaner Pro is the only maintenance tool you will ever need for both old and new PC systems.
Using PC Cleaner Pro will help you fix all your PC’s errors and optimize performance to maximum speed while improving browsing and protecting your precious data!

PC Cleaner Pro is the last tool you would ever need and the only one your PC missed. It is the all-around tool that maintains your PC’s sanity by maintaining performance and cleaning out the trash. With the every tool included in this all-in-one program, you can solve any factor that slows down your PC and discover the speed that it had all along.


"This is the absolute best comprehensive PC tool that I have ever used. It does everything and more than what I bargained for."
- Steve N

"I almost threw out my old PC in frustration to get a new one. PC Cleaner Pro saved me the expense and showed me just how much more my old PC had in it."
- Nancy L

"This product ultimately saved me from a breakdown. My PC was so slow that it stressed me out to no end. It had so many issues and I discovered it even had malware! Pc Cleaner Pro was able to fix and deal with all of it for me in just minutes!"
- Susan P

Just one quick download to fully protect, fix and optimize your PC!